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What Is A Discovery Day?

We will walk you and/or your assistant through the photography of up to two of your listings. Plus we will process & edit the photos free of charge.

You and/or your assistant will photograph up to two of your listings with our guidance.

Then we will process/edit the photo free of charge so that you can:

  • See YOUR results for yourself
  • See how EASY great photos are with our solution
  • Get all of your questions answered
  • Decide if the iList2 Photography Solution is right for you
  • No hard sell, no obligation, zero risk to you!

Why Are We Doing This?

  • Eliminate all risk to you.
  • Show you just how FAST & EASY our professional photography solution really is.
  • Give you a chance to experience our system and customer service BEFORE you make a purchase.

Discovery Day openings are limited and time slots fill quickly, so don’t delay.

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